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  • What if the weather calls for rain?
    We will make a weather call the day prior to the show, typically in the afternoon. We want to give as much time as possible to watch the weather pattern to ensure we make a good call. It is extremely difficult to postpone a show because of the issues that come with scheduling, so if weather becomes an issue, we may have to cancel the show entirely. That being said, if the rain is light or off and on, we will likely still hold the show. Please try and hold off sending a message to us (because we often get a lot) and wait for us to make a weather call.
  • What can I expect at the facility?
    Our outdoor arena has sand footing and is the main ring at the shows. Schooling in this arena is open until 7:45am and where noted in the prizelist. Our indoor arena will be open all day for schooling but is a smaller (20 meters x 40 meters) space. We have a porta-potty available for all during the day. The stable restroom is off limits for use during the show day. We have food trucks available during the hunter/equitation show day. Food may or may not be available on the jumper show day--check with us to find out. Parking is LIMITED. Parking spaces are given to trailers first. Please plan to carpool when possible to ensure there are enough spaces for all.
  • What divisions count towards the Colonial Classic? How do I qualify?
    The Colonial Classic has a full list of their divisions at Note that our divisions and their divisions don't always line up in terms of division name and/or eligibility. It is YOUR responsibility to know the Colonial Classic divisions you are trying to qualify for and if you are eligible to compete in them (CHECK AGES!). The full list of comparisons is in the prizelist. To qualify you must be a Silver Moon Show Series member and you must be in the top three of your division to qualify. If a Silver Moon division encompasses several Colonial Classic divisions, we will take the top three of each section. For example, our Open Equitation division is a qualifier for: Junior Eq 13 & Under, Junior Eq 14-17, and Adult Eq. We will award the top three of each age category from our Open Equitation division as our qualifiers.
  • When will my class run?
    We process all submissions and update current counts to the show day page on It is difficult to determine when your class may run as judging time, school break lengths, etc. change from show to show. We suggest budgeting about 30 minutes per division, adding or subtracting from that pending number of entries per division.
  • Can I make a change to my membership submission?
    Of course! Feel free to email us at with whatever changes you may need to make and we can get it updated for you. We also send out the membership list at the end of the year for any final changes before year-end awards are purchased.
  • Do I have to become a member of the Silver Moon Show Series to compete?
    No, membership is not required 😊 However, there are some benefits to becoming a member like: Eligible for year-end ribbons and awards. Eligible to qualify for the Colonial Classic. Free show series swag item at the end of the year.
  • How much is membership?
    Membership is $20 plus a small transaction fee. This includes a rider and unlimited number of horses. If you have more than three horses for the year (the application only allows for three to be entered), just let us know and we can add more.
  • Am I a current member?
    Members should have completed the membership form and will be listed here: If you don't see yourself you either 1) didn't join yet, or 2) had an issue/error when submitting your form -- please just send us a message and we can help you.
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