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2024 Membership Application Form 

This information will be used to contact individuals, for prizes, etc. so ensure it is accurate. If you need to update anything after submission, email us at


NOTE: riders may have unlimited horses for their membership, but horses shown by riders who are NOT members will not accrue points on those show days.

Member Information

Member Mailing Address

Select One (Age is as of December 1st, 2023)
Select a Show Series Item (Each member receives this item for that year with sponsors listed on the back - items are usually 100% cotton, so if you're worried about shrinkage or items being snug, get a size up):

Trainer / Farm Information

Nominated Horses

Affiliate Information

Are you trying to qualify for the Colonial Classic?
What Colonial Classic Division(s) are you trying to qualify for?


Full CC divisions can be found here: Silver Moon divisions DO NOT DIRECTLY MATCH Colonial Classic. You are responsible for knowing which Colonial Classic divisions you are eligible for.

Are you trying to qualify for the Commonwealth Junior Amateur Invitational?

End of the Year Prize Information

Please select what item(s) you would like to receive for year-end awards if you finish as a Champion or Reserve in your division. Note: We try to follow these as closely as we can, but can't guarantee you will receive your selection(s).

What horse related items would you want to receive?
What rider related items would you want to receive?

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